Skills and Ability
A graduate specialized in the construction of plucked instruments (lute, guitar, mandolin, harp, etc.) possesses the techniques and understands the constructive processes for the manufacture of plucked instruments of high quality, building them based on reliefs, photographs and iconographic sources. He also possesses the basic ability to plan, construct, test, modify and carry out the fundamentals of maintenance and repair of plucked instruments and the skills necessary for the construction of a wide variety of stringed instruments.

Job Opportunities
The graduate is able to devote himself to professional activity as a plucked instrument maker. He may take on construction commissions in artisanal workshops as well as commissions of assistance, maintenance, and repair of all kinds of stringed instruments in stores. 

Particular Subjects
Workshop of:  Construction, Varnishing, Maintenance and Repair of Plucked Instruments