1. Application available at www.iscrizioni.istruzione.it


2. For candidates outside the European Union, the application should be completed according to the model in point IV.

3. In the application, candidates must provide the following certifiable information:

a) surname and name

b) place and date of birth

c) fiscal code / national ID number

d) home address and place of current residence, including postal codes

e) home telephone number, cell phone number, and e-mail address

f) intended enrollment year

g) citizenship(s) in possession

h) educational degrees in possession

i) authorization, in accordance with legislative decree N. 196 of June 30, 2003, regarding the treatment of information provided by the candidates, which will be used exclusively for purposes of admission

4. The following supplements should be attached to the application:

a) Identification card on blank paper

b) Copies of educational degrees already in possession. The presented middle school, high school, and college/university degrees should indicate in detail all the subjects already studied and, minimally, final grades received in each subject (see V.3.f). A candidate who possesses high school or college/university degrees may omit the presentation of middle school documentation.

c) Copy of the résumé/curriculum vitae in the European format (among the three downloadable here)

5. In addition to the application, candidates may attach essays, technical reports, designs, photographs of their activity in the field of lutherie, that will be considered by the admissions committee. These documents will be restored to the students at the end of the exams.