The exams are usually given in the middle of June. A second session of exams may be given at the beginning of September for those candidates for whom it is absolutely impossible to participate in the first session. Participation in the exams costs 150 Euros, the sum of which should be presented at the school in the form of a postage stamp which will be given by the school secretary office.

The Italian language exam, for non-Italian students who wish to enroll in the first class, consists of:

- a written portion, meant to establish the student’s level of comprehension
- an oral interview.

The students who wish to enroll in a class other than the first must complete:

- for foreigners, the above Italian language exam
- a test in Violin making
- a Design test
- a Technology test
- a test regarding the Playing of the violin and Music theory.

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The exam period will last a week. The dates of the tests and all relevant information will be communicated to the candidates via publications on this website.

The examining board, in addition to determining the placement of candidates in the first, second, and third classes, will evaluate the qualifications of the admitted students, for the recognition of their credits and for the personalization of their program of study.

Disabled candidates are guaranteed access to eligibility tests. The candidate should indicate on the application the aid he/she requires at the time of the test regarding his/her particular handicap, as well as any extra time he/she will require throughout his/her studies if admitted.